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IDC/IE Facts

IDC and IE Dates and Locations


Professional Level Programs

The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you’ll fine-tune your dive skills, like perfecting the effortless hover, and refine your rescue skills so you anticipate and easily solve common problems. Start Online Today! 

Part One of the new Instructor Development Curriculum, the Assistant Instructor is qualified to teach portions of diver training with an instructor. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the IE. AI’s can certify divers in Emergency First Response, Equipment Specialty, PADI Oxygen Provider (if they are certified Specialty Instructors in those areas), and may independently conduct Discover Scuba.

Part two of the Instructor Development Course, the Open Water Scuba Instructor course prepares you for the Instructor Examinations

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is both the Assistant instructor Program and the Open Water Scuba Instructor Course. Together, they emphasize development of teaching skills. The goal is to create a low stress environment in which you can learn the skills of a professional educator. Start Online Today!

Instructor Continuing Education Programs

A one day program which includes teaching methodology, psychology of resuscitation, primary assessment, CPR and the seven basic first aid skills. AED use is now also included. Emergency First Response Instructor is taught the Monday immediately following an IDC/IE.

A one evening program which teaches you how to recognize diving illness treatable by emergency oxygen, properly setup equipment, and administer emergency oxygen.


A must for anyone who fills or inspects tanks. This eight hour course in visual inspection methods trains an inspector to recognize to recognize problems and flaws in various cylinder types of DOT, CGA, and the code of Federal Regulations Guidelines Textbooks are included with much hands on experience.

Broaden your skills by becoming authorized under certain conditions to work on Oceanic regulators. This hands-on repair clinic intoduces you to Oceanic’s multi-product line of 1st and 2nd stage regulators. Often done in conjunction with PSI program. Materials and instructor processing fees included. This includes an Equipment Specialty Instructor certificate.

Taking a Specialty Instructor training course from our Course Directors will provide you with practical experience for conducting courses that interest you and your students.

IDC Staff Instructor is the minimum certification required to train Assistant Instructors. You may also assist Course Directors in training and evaluating instructor candidates. See IDC Schedule. Must complete all sessions of an IDC.

This short course may bring a non-teaching status instructor back to teaching status or can count towards the Master Instructor rating

Diver's Depot IDC/IE Facts

Sally and E.K. Sowell, PADI Course Directors, have conducted Instructor Development Courses on Utila Island, Grand Cayman, Belize and throughout the Ark-La-Tex each year. In Nacogdoches, home of Diver's Depot (PADI 5 Star CDC), we have a full-service classroom annex. We have dorms at our location and provide free accommodations for most educational programs hosted in Nacogdoches.

You must be either a PADI Divemaster, PADI Assistant Instructor, or instructor of another certification agency to attend the IDC. Leadership-level certified divers of other agencies are allowed to attend the first part of the IDC, which will earn you a PADI Assistant Instructor certification. You must have 60 logged dives and be certified for six months to attend the IDC and IE. You are processed as a PADI AI until you log 100 dives. The IDC is conducted in a casual format meeting daily for extended periods. See the schedule below.

The cost for the IDC is $1699.00 U.S and payable to PADI for the IE is $715.00 U.S. + $199 U.S for a one time IDC New Instructor registration fee. Private IDC $5,000 for two each or $3,500 for 1:1.

An Emergency First Response Instructor Course is $150.00 and 120.00 payable to PADI, and scheduled after the IDC and before the IE for those interested. Traditional Instructor-led Training: If you prefer to read the training manual and watch the DVD -instead of taking the online course- come by the store for more information.

Materials needed:

  • Each person attending the IDC is required to furnish or rent all open water equipment except tanks and weights.
  • A partial list of required materials is below. Please email us for a complete list of required equipment. Each person needs to have:
  • A PADI Open Water Instructor Manual (DM’s may download at the web site for free provided you are current)
    • PADI Guide to Teaching and calculator

    • ERDPML

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IDC and IE Dates and Locations

IDC IE 2022 Location
April 1,2,3 &April 9-10
April 23-24
April 16-22
April 23-24
July 8,9,10 & July 16,17
July 30, 31
Sept 23-25 & Oct 1, 2
Oct 15, 16
Oct 8 - 14
Oct 15-16

More dates to come soon
We offer Private IDC's when you want them. You set the dates.
If you want a IDC at your location contact E.K. Sowell or Sally Sowell to set it up. We teach at both Resorts and Dive Stores.


Professional Level Programs Price Deposit Instructor Continuing Education Programs Price Deposit
Dive Master
Emergency First Response Instructor
Assistant Instructor
Emergency Oxygen Provider & Instructor Program
Open Water Scuba Instructor
High Pressure Cylinder Inspection Hazmat Program
Instructor Development Course
Manufacturer Regulator Repair Technician and Equipment Specialty Instructor Rating
IDC Staff Instructor**
Status Update
Specialty Instructor
150 each